Kylie Cosmetics: Swatches of the ENTIRE Collection

Have you guys seen my collection swatches of all of the permanent colors on Kylie’s site?

Let me do a quick review:
▪️Think about the price, a lipstick and a lip pencil for about $30 is great. Especially when she has free shipping offers!
▪️The formula is great, but if you have dry lips (for me it’s usually due to not drinking enough water like me (lol), you’ll need to moisturize, but this goes for any and all liquid lipsticks. I love that they dry completely matte and super quick.
▪️ The shades are unique – Trick, Dolce K, True Brown K, Pumpkin, among others are truly unique. They dry down to this muted gorgeous, perfectly photographable lip that everyone wants tbh.
▪️The selection is HUGE now. Anyone and everyone can pick their perfect shade.

▪️Some of the colors honestly need reformulated. One of the colors that I talked about (Kourt K) is extremely patchy, even from different patches. There’s something about the ingredients that just don’t work.
▪️Sometimes your order will get messed up. I talked about this in my “My Opinion on Kylie Cosmetics” video on Youtube. I’ve experienced this first hand more than a couple of times and it’s frustrating. However, if you’re lucky, their customer service will really take care of you, but that comes with the cost of time. So I wouldn’t order a shade if you’re looking to wear it for an event, because sometimes  your order will come messed up, let’s be honest.
▪️Shipping cost. When she doesn’t have those free shipping offers, or when you have to purchase $40 or more on her website to get that free shipping offer (which I recommend), shipping is ridiculous. $9 for mediocre shipping is outrageous.

Check this video out on my youtube channel! 


So that’s my recap on my pros and cons!


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