My Advice When Learning to Do Your Makeup

🖤🖤🖤🖤You see that boss a** b**** on Instagram who is slaying your existence? Yeah, that can be you. Yes girl. Read through this blog post to get my tips on how to start slaying your makeup game, and other people’s lives while doing it.

Alright, it’s throwback time. Peep me in 2011. (P.S., this photo literally makes me cringe. I honestly can’t believe I’m putting it on my page to view publicly).

FullSizeRender 8
I called this, “Hot Pink & Purple Cut Crease Halloween Look.” At least I knew that wearing this look on Halloween was the only acceptable time to be seen in public with my makeup done like this LOL 😂

Take a sweet minute to just stare at this picture, and take a sweet minute to laugh, because ya’ll know I am right now just looking at it. Good lord, look at those brows. Borderline sharpie, I’m tellin’ you. Oh and peep the obvious tape line.

I would show you guys more pictures of this look, but no.

tip1     Understand That It’s a Process!

Understand that it’s literally impossible to be perfect when you first start experimenting with makeup. When I first started, I would get frustrated that I couldn’t blend my eyeshadow or slay the F out of my winged liner the way MAC girls did. So I used to get frustrated, compare myself to others, and at one point almost dropped makeup all together. I didn’t really understand that learning how to do makeup, just like learning to do anything for the first time, is a process. You’ll go through your ups and downs, you’ll figure out your own style, and you’ll figure out what works best for you. You’ll never stop learning. Just remember that.

tip2     Explore Social Media

I started playing around with makeup in 2010, just a little over 6 years ago. Do you know how I spent the summer of 2010? Taking any free time I had during my week to watch beauty tutorials on Youtube for at least 3 hours a day. Not only did it give me inspiration to start playing around with makeup, but I learned so much. You have to start somewhere. A lot of people end up giving up on trying to learn because they think,

Well, it’s going to take me forever to learn, and there are so many other people out there that are so much better than I will ever be at makeup.

STOP. IT. The more you put something off, the longer its going to take to complete. Period.  The same goes for learning new skills. Refer to tip number 1 pls.

Explore social media. There are so many makeup hack/tutorial Instagram pages that it literally blows my mind. even still learn new things from those 30-60 second videos. Take a look at some of my favorite pages on IG for makeup hacks and mini tutorials:


Get to learnin’!

tip3     Practice, Practice, PRAC.TICE.

Did you know that it takes approximated 10,000 hours to be considered a professional at your practice?

First and foremost, when in doubt, start BASIC, then work your way into more complicated/advanced skills. What I mean by that is research techniques for soft makeup, and then work your way up to more dramatic looks. Once you get basic techniques down, you’ll slay your everyday makeup. PLEASE don’t start carving out your brows and using dip brow pomade if you’ve never filled in your brows, unless you want to look like an absolute psycho. Bad brows can seriously make you look psycho though, not even kidding. After you feel like you’ve mastered your everyday look, then you can start adding a bold lip, or a bold liner, or learn how to contour and highlight to the GAWDS. Hey Zeus, what’s poppin’? MY HIGHLIGHT! 👊🏽

Second, practice. I used to jump on ANY chance to put makeup on my friends and family whenever I could. You know what that taught me? Figuring out what shades and colors compliment people’s complexions, eye color, etc. Not only that, but learning how to apply shadow on different eye shapes that flatters them was definitely the most challenging, but extremely beneficial. Again, it’s going to take practice, and practice requires patience. Practice on yourself if you’re not comfortable doing someone else’s makeup. I used to sit in my room and play with makeup for an hour or two when I didn’t have plans.

Three, take pictures. Not only will you be able to track your growth, but you can make fun of how bad your makeup was after you’ve become a pro. But the most important part is tracking your growth, obviously. Also, this will help you play with angles. figuring out your angles can be really difficult. Like this picture I featured with that horrendous color combo makeup was taken at a terrible angle. So unflattering. It comes with practice! Then you can slay your Insta-game.

Tip4     When in Doubt, Light to Dark

This tip only applies to eyeshadow. If you’re trying to figure out the science of blending, remember LIGHT TO DARK with your blending colors. The key to great blending is creating that oh-so-desired gradient effect, and the only way to do that is starting out is applying the lightest colors first, and the darkest colors last. It just makes blending a whole lot easier.

This is the order I personally like to apply my eyeshadow in:

  1. After my primer, I apply either a translucent powder or a skin color matte shadow all over my eyelid.
  2. I apply a soft brown shade (about one to two shades darker than my skin, about the same shade as a soft bronzer) to my crease.
  3. OPTIONAL: I apply a second brown shade in my crease that’s a big deeper to create more definition.
  4. Select an outer corner color if you want a soft smokey effect that one to two shades darker than your crease color and apply that to your outer corner.
  5. Lastly, apply your main lid color to the inner half of your eyelid.
  6. Apply your inner corner highlight shade, and if you so desire, add a little sparkle under your brow bone! A lot of the time I skip a frosty shade on my brown bone and just apply my inner corner highlight.

When it comes to highlighting and contouring, its quite the opposite for me. This is the order I personally like to follow because it seems to blend the best in my opinion.

  1. After applying my foundation and concealer, I set under my eyes with a translucent powder, and the rest of my skin with a pressed powder.
  2. Next, I apply my contour (bronzer or contour shade). Sometimes I’ll apply my contour and blend it out with my bronzer.
  3. Apply blush to your cheeks and blend backwards toward your hairline. Make sure you use a light hand for this because you don’t want to look like a clown.
  4. Lastly, to blend everything all together, I apply my highlight right above my blush, to the bridge of my nose, cupids bow, and chin and call it a day.

Random Artist Tip: Don’t forget the lipliner. Seriously, it makes a world of a difference. Your lip color will not only look “cleaner,” but it will prevent it from feathering outside of your lips. Line your lips and complete color them in with a lip pencil before applying your lip shade.

Now, dat face is beat.

tip5     Invest in a Lesson or Makeup Class

Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help. Sephora and MAC offer services where they can help you learn how to perfect your technique on a focus feature (pick one, and its complimentary). Save up some money and invest in a class or one-on-one session with an artist. This is one of the best hands-on ways to be able to perfect your technique!

I hope that this helped some of you and that you’ve learned something from my post! Don’t forget to check out my youtube channel (accessible on in my blog menu) and follow my blog if you want to stay updated on my posts!

Rise & Slay babes