Sorority Recruitment Makeup Hacks!

It’s Recruitment SZN

It’s that time of year again! Blood, sweat, and tears are going to be shed during recruitment week and us ladies need our makeup to be BULL👏🏼ET👏🏼 PROOF👏🏼.

I have created a mini guide of recommended products (coming soon) and makeup/beauty related hacks for you to share and try with your friends! Keep in mind that this works for any hectic occasion, whether you’re going to be a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding, or you’re crying your life away at the end of pref night. Share this with all of your sisters!

All of the links to my tutorials open up in new windows, so you can watch them in separate tabs 😊 Stay tuned for my next post if you’re just looking for product recommendations.


Keep it SIMPLE AND SWEET YA’LL. SIMPLE. AND. SWEET. Which is why I have a tutorial on my Youtube channel for a simple look already uploaded for you to watch here: Simple & sweet makeup tutorial. Pretty and put together is one of the best looks in the book. You can even rock it every day of recruitment. It’s so versatile.

Artist Tip 1: My ladies with fair skin, choose ashy toned browns as your crease or blending color. Any brown tone with a red or pink undertone (unless it’s one shade darker than your skin tone) will make your eyes look irritated. My ladies with rich, deep skin tones, use mid to dark tone browns with red or orange undertones as your crease or blending color. Anyone with medium or olive skin can go either way, just make sure the shade is about 2 shades darker than your skin tone.

Artist Tip 2: When in doubt, use your bronzer as your crease eyeshadow color! On another note, match your foundation to your neck, not to your hands. Swatching shades on your hand is great if you’re doing it to feel the consistency of the foundation, but not color matching.

If you have no idea where to start and need help distinguishing eyeshadow brushes from one another because you literally have no idea what you’re doing and don’t know what the difference is between any of them, check out my video on Youtube titled Beginner’s Techniques: Part 1 – Blending Brushes 101. If you’ve watched that video and purchased some brushes and literally have no idea what to do with them, check out my video on Youtube titled Beginner’s Techniques: Part 2 – Blending Techniques 101. This video will teach you… actually, the title says it all.

Oh and don’t forget to subscribe.😘 Wait, also don’t forget the setting spray. For all days. All of them. Urban Decay has the BEST setting spray, and the best part is, you can purchase the travel size for a fraction of the $30-some price tag that the full-size bottle comes with. It’s going to be on my recommended products list, that’s for sure.


Don’t be shy, but don’t be obnoxious! Nothing scares people away more than overdrawn hot pink lips, super thick eyeliner, and really bad contour. Please don’t pair the three together. Add a soft pink lipstick or gloss to your look or even a rose gold shadow that has a hint of pink glitter!

Artist Tip 1: Opt for a LIGHT pink shade, something closer to a champagne or baby pink. Anything darker than that will literally leave you looking like you decided to rock the I’ve-got-pinkeye look, and that ain’t cute. Also, try applying your shadow with your finger in patting motions to prevent glitter from falling all over your face.

It’s philanthropy day and we all wanna look poppin’ without overdoing it, so check out my Victoria’s Secret drug store makeup tutorial or my soft open-eyed glam tutorial on my channel and try it out (skip the winged liner and try lining just the outer corner of your top lid and smudging it instead)!

Artist Tip 2: Lets be real though, its day 2 and you’re running late, but you still want your makeup to be fleeky. Start with your eyes FIRST and then follow up with your foundation and the rest of your face makeup. Cut a pinky lengths worth of scotch tape *emphasis on scotch tape* and place it on the back of your hand. Remove the scotch tape so that it isn’t as sticky anymore. Place the scotch tape along your lower lash line, angled up to the end of the tail of your eyebrow. Prime your eyelids and follow with a translucent powder or skin tone powder/shadow to set the primer, and blend away. This takes off the stress of taking the time to make sure your eyeshadow is perfect, because it will be.

Please, for the sake of your sisters and all of the girls entering your room during recruitment, stay AWAY from metallic lip colors. Those things get nasty after a couple of hours, and you don’t want your lips to look like there’s fairy manure all over it. Frankly, clumped up glitter looks gross, and I’m sure you can only imagine. It is a great way to look ratchet when you’re trying to scare a boy away though, just don’t forget to over line your lips with a black lip pencil 😜.


It’s pref day. It’ll either be very emotional or you’ll be beyond nervous/happy/excited/over it that you’ll sweat until you drown in a puddle of what was the makeup on your face. I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t wear waterproof products because its harsh on their skin when they attempt to remove it.

Artist Tip 1: Remove that ish with OLIVE OR COCONUT OIL. YES. And a cotton ball. Something soft and disposable. I promise it will come right off and your skin will feel supple and moisturized after you’ve used your cleanser to remove the oily residue from your skin. It has literally changed my life. PS, this step works with those longwear liquid lipsticks too.

Artist Tip 2: If your waterproof mascara STILL isn’t coming off, run a cotton ball in hot water (not scorching hot, please, I won’t be responsible for anyone’s injuries – just use your best judgement), add a tiny bit of your oil of choice (coconut or olive) and gently hold it on top of your eyelid with your eye closed for 20-30 seconds. The hot water should help separate the mascara, and the oil will help remove it. You can also do this in two steps if you prefer. Sometimes, I’ll even put olive oil in a travel sized 1 fl oz. plastic bottle (you can get them from Target in the travel sized section) and keep it in my shower. The steam really helps with the removal of makeup, and the best part is, you can be as messy as you want with it.

If you want to look HOT on pref day while sealing the deal with the amazing group of women that decided to come back, follow my Instagram Baddie makeup tutorial. You can even sub the nude lip with a red lip and you’ll look like the classy AF woman that you are.

Artist Tip 3: If you are using a LONGWEAR LIP COLOR (like ColourPop, Kylie Lipkit, Stila All Day, etc.) follow the following steps: moisturize your lips *LIGHTY* with lip conditioner, vaseline, or chapstick (emphasis on lightly) after exfoliating them (use honey, coconut oil, and raw or granulated sugar – 1tbsp of each) -optional, this just provides the BEST results, you can just stick with moisturizing if you want. Then line your lips with a like-color and color them in with the pencil. It will provide a colored base for the liquid lipstick to stick to and prevent fading. Apply the liquid lipstick to your lips and use your ring or middle finger to pat the product into your lip. This will remove excess product to prevent your lips from cracking (warning: you will have a lot of product on your finger from this step, but it’s so worth it). Aint got time to be touching up crusty lips ya’ll.

Stay tuned for my product recommendations!

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