Kim K | Yeezy x Balmain Tutorial | Ft. Uniwigs

I had such a blast with this blonde wig from I created a Kim Kardashian inspired look from one of the first Yeezy x Belmain fashion events this year! Instead of using typical neutral brown shadows like her makeup artist did, I decided to go with a grey/navy look which was a little more dramatic 😉 Still inspired by Kim though.

I’ve noticed that her makeup has definitely been on the softer, neutral side. She pretty much looks the same all the time! Thinner liner, emphasis on the lashes, neutral brown shades with a classic brown, neutral, or nude lip. This look wouldn’t have been very special LOL.


The wig that I was sent from Uniwigs is called the Becky Synthetic Lace Front Wig, and it’s PLATINUM. I love it! I had to brush through it a bit to relax the curls because I obviously couldn’t straighten it. Nothing like that burnt plastic smell HAHA. This wig is so comfortable, and secure. That to me is the most important part. It came in its own protective box, providing me with easy storage.

I’m not going to lie, it definitely made me miss my long hair! I’m just glad that I have something fun I can play with now. 😉

If you use my code “lilly10” you can get 10% off of your purchase on their website!
Here’s the link to the wig that I’m wearing: